What is a « LIMITED EDITION » art reproduction?

A limited edition is a hand signed and numbered by the artist, usually in pencil, in the form (for example): 1/25. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the total number of copies that the artist will print from this image.

Among my works, there will be a selection of 25 works and a second of 75 copies, in both cases, they will be (numbered). From each photo print (any sizes offered online) will never be reproduced. In this way, the work that you will buy in smaller quantities will have a higher value than the higher volume prints.

Sold prints

Once one of my works is « exhausted », it will be impossible to get it online. If you are interested in one of my « Out of Stock » photos, I invite you to contact me as it may be possible for me to find an edition in an exhibition.


What is a « UNIQUE EDITION » craft printing?

A Unique Edition photo art print is THE SOMMUM among my works that a person can get. Only one copy of this photo will be printed. The artist will never use it for commercial purposes or print a second copy. This SINGLE EDITION is strictly for art collectors or anyone who wants to get a unique work. Only one format of this SINGLE EDITION is obviously more expensive because of their limited availability.


The 3 most popular dimensions are (18 × 24 – 24 × 36 – 40 × 60). I am able to offer you a custom enlargement for all of my works, with some exceptions. I would ask you to contact me so that I can know your requirements and thus send you my prices.

The actual size of the prints may vary due to the size of each photo. If the size of an image is very different from that shown in the menu, you will be contacted to approve the purchase.


All print orders are printed on high quality chrome paper, resulting in incredibly vivid prints. I have a habit of producing quality colored work and for this reason I have a relentless need to print on a medium that can convey my vision of the world to perfection. Over time, I found that nothing transmits the dynamics and the range of colors more than the chrome paper.

My goal is to create prints of the highest quality possible and produce works of art that will decorate your home, your office for years to come. All prints are hand-signed, numbered * and carefully shipped in a durable, environmentally friendly and high quality tube. Each of the prints also come with a pair of cotton gloves for handling. I strongly recommend wearing gloves if you have to manipulate the artwork for any reason.

* Limited and unique prints only


We strongly recommend that you do not handle the printing yourself unless you wear the cotton gloves provided and are extremely careful. Footprints are very fragile and fingerprints can literally ruin your investment. … Always be safe and let an experienced trainer take care of it.


I highly recommend this framing method. It dramatically improves color depth, contrast and saturation, creating a finely crafted masterpiece.


The front mount is to glue the front side of the LUMACHROME paper on the back of a glossy acrylic sheet. This preserves the overall size of the print and raises the bar for extraordinary image quality, with vibrant color clarity, deeper black tones and rich contrast. This method is available in floating version « Ready to Hang » or « Ready to Frame ». (please contact us for details and prices). This creates without any ultimate experience when viewing. The best way to really discover the beauty of all my impressions.

FLOATING VERSION ready to hang:

The limited edition art print is professionally edited. We offer several levels of trim packages to suit your tastes, including choices of contemporary, recessed / floating frames.

The end result is just awesome and looks like a brilliant, high-saturation HD image floating on the wall.


Same as « Ready to hang » but supported by a black dibond / sintra 1/8 « frame and a NON aluminum frame. This version requires you to bring it to a professional framer to be glued and framed to your liking.

It’s my favorite framing choice. Having an image mounted on the face carefully framed and framed results in a true squeeze of art for which all records will be shot in any house, business, office and gallery.


The engravings on acrylic glass are sensitive to scratches. As with any other artwork, special care must be taken in handling and cleaning up your investment. Each print purchased with this method will be supplied with a pair of cotton gloves and an antistatic microfiber towel.


My works called « Fine Art » are fantastic and they will take all their essences if they are presented in the form of a series, in particular when they are mounted according to the techniques described above. Any institution, organization or individual who buys more than 5 « Fine Art » prints will receive a discount. Feel free to contact me for more information.


All unique and limited edition works purchased will be accompanied by a high quality certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered personally.


A certificate of authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work, containing the details of the work to serve as a reference to the collector. It comes with every purchase of a print or an authentic photo frame.


– The title of the piece.

– The place where the photo was taken.

– The date of capture (month and year).

– The location of the artist’s signature on the piece itself.

– Print size.

– Signed and numbered by the artist.

– The photo itself.

– The seal of official authenticity of Joel Bourgoin Photography.

All printed orders are currently shipped free to the United States and Canada. However, we must charge shipping charges for parts shipped overseas; please contact us to request a shipping quote for your country. Impressions are shipped by CANADA POST or UPS. As I am often on the road or traveling, all impressions are usually sent within 2 to 6 weeks from the date of purchase. All printed purchases only are carefully shipped in a durable, high quality, environmentally friendly tube for maximum protection.



1- Start by visiting the different galleries located in the main menu section « Discover all the beauty » if you are looking for a particular orientation for your work.

3- Browse all currently available pieces. When you find an article that interests you, simply click on the small basket icon to see the available options. If you want a size or method of framing not proposed, just contact us. We will make sure to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding the purchase of a work.


All payments on this site are processed automatically via PayPal. PayPal is the most popular payment method in the world. PayPal uses the latest data encryption and anti-fraud technologies to protect your information and reduce the risk of online fraud. You can use any credit or debit card to pay via PayPal and even make payments if you do not have an account.


All facial prints are usually shipped within 2 to 6 weeks. If we are unable to ship your order within this time, you will be notified of the planned shipping date and a refund will be offered if you choose not to wait. Face mounted process controls are securely packaged and shipped in boxes. Again, due to the size and weight of such an item, please contact us with the full destination address for shipping and processing quote.


Urgent delivery on printed purchases only is available at a cost. Urgent orders are sent in the same week. Remember that this option is not available if Joel Bourgoin is on a mission or traveling. Please contact us for more information.


All orders sent to a Canadian address are subject to taxes in accordance with provincial and federal tax rules. We are required by law to do so. There is no tax for orders sent to the United States or any other country.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We are so convinced that you will be delighted with the quality of your investment as we offer a « 100% Satisfaction Guarantee » policy on all prints sold. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in perfect condition within one week of receipt. A full refund (excluding shipping) will be sent after inspection of quality control.


We will resolve the situation quickly. Please document the damaged packaging with clear images and contact us immediately. After examining the damage, we will ask you to cut the photo with scissors and send it back to us in an envelope. This will protect us against fraud. As soon as we receive the envelope, we will replace any damaged print free of charge during transport. This rarely happens because we take every precaution to ensure that your investment arrives safely and in perfect condition.


These are all « REAL IMAGES » of REAL LOCATIONS. These images were not created or generated by computer. All images were taken with high definition digital cameras, lenses and professional filters all over the world. Unfortunately, even with current technologies, the camera does not see the world as clearly as the human eye. The dynamic range of today’s professional camera is still unable to render details in the high and low tones of certain scenes. Due to this limitation, some images have been created using multiple exposures from the same scene (some exposed for highlights and others exposed for light bases), and these exposures are then carefully combined using a technique called light blend. This technique provides a dynamic range extremely close to what the artist saw with his own eyes when capturing the scene.

The post-processing treatment is exclusive and is applied to all images. At the time of cinema, Joel Bourgoin would have chosen a very saturated film of slides like Fuji Velvia 50 to obtain similar colored results. Nothing is added or subtracted from any of the images. Minor annoying items may be eliminated (for example, a piece of discarded paper, a plane in the air, sensor dust, etc.).


For commercial or editorial use, contact me for rates. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us as there are many more images in our database. A secret link will then be provided to see additional galleries containing more images.